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Alfa Energy Marathon - 1 month of drive, energy and a healthy lifestyle with tasks, quests and prizes for Alfa-Bank employees throughout the country.

2086 bank employees from 130 cities

Business tasks

  • Generate positive PR reach on social media from employees
  • Combine branches without geographic restrictions
  • Unite working groups
  • In a playful way, form the habits of proactive behavior and a healthy lifestyle

Features of the marathon

  • Within the framework of the project, users participated in various contests and activities, and shared the results with their subscribers on social networks
  • 5044 mentions of the project hashtag in social networks
  • 814186 views of participants in social networks

Marathon FOR HEALTH 2.0 - 3 months of reaching a new level in personal sales and team achievements

1838 representatives of the MLM network

Business tasks

  • Revive sales of MLM-structure in the "cold" season
  • Maintain communication of ordinary representatives of the structure with the leaders of the organization
  • Form healthy lifestyle habits

Features of the marathon

  • Throughout the summer season, the players competed for the prizes of the EUS network Rating points were awarded both for sports achievements and for success in personal sales and actions aimed at the growth and development of the MLM structure
  • 514 participants sent in daily exercise reports
  • Held 6 webinars with coaches and nutritionists throughout the marathon
  • Presentation of prizes turned into a solemn ceremony within the framework of the meeting of the organization's participants

I AM ENERGY 3.0 - 3 seasons of a marathon of a healthy lifestyle with strict rules of the game "to fly"

673 employees from 6 branches

Business tasks

  • Creation of a competitive aspect between branches
  • Feel the closeness of employees, despite the distance
  • To rally employees within branches
  • In a playful way, form the habits of proactive behavior and a healthy lifestyle
  • Discover new ways to keep fit

Features of the marathon

  • The rigid system "to take off" ensured a large number of tasks completed during the marathon - more than half of the participants reached the final week of the first season
  • Within each season, 4 additional competitions were held, as well as webinars with trainers and nutritionists of the project
  • The prize fund of the marathon was also compiled taking into account the specifics of the marathon and included gifts for active sports and yoga

A platform for training doctors in the field of anti-aging medicine. A holistic LMS with the ability to purchase and step through educational products, interact with industry experts and build your own referral network

More than 700 highly specialized specialists

Business tasks

  • To unite the community of experts in the field of Anti-Age
  • Provide convenient access to educational products
  • Forge truly live communication between industry experts
  • Provide a variety of course monetization models - from direct purchase to subscription
  • Form a viral growth of the community through a referral program
  • Prepare a platform for subsequent complex integrations of telemedicine and other products and services

Platform features

  • 23.7% of registered users made at least 1 purchase on the platform
  • Built-in testing system allows you to monitor learning outcomes
  • Multilingual version expands interest in the platform from the international community
  • Diverse format of educational content: videos, longreads, texts and polls, interviews with experts and ive-webinars of organization members

Sports according to different rules - 2 seasons of healthy lifestyle marathons for the interregional network of Tele2 employees

1910 players

Business tasks

  • To unite employees of an interregional network, regardless of distance
  • Bring work teams together with team assignments
  • In a playful way, form the habits of proactive behavior and a healthy lifestyle
  • Discover new ways to keep fit

Features of the marathon

  • Within the framework of the program, the NPS (net promoter score) of 82% was achieved
  • 319 unmotivated posts mentioning the project hashtag on social networks
  • Regular webinars with teams of trainers and nutritionist
  • 11% of the participants took the initiative after the project and participated in additional corporate trainings


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Assignments, points and ratings

It's easier to achieve corporate goals together! Turn routine tasks into exciting contests. Give points for meaningful actions. Include a competitive aspect - show the rating of the participants and enter prizes for achieving the best results.

Automation and analytics

The successes and achievements of your employees on the platform are recorded automatically. Follow their development - get detailed analytics of completed tasks, passed exams and player progress.

Multimedia content and social mechanics

Introduce users to what they are logging on to. Post video and photo content, interactive quizzes and polls. Likes and comments allow users to express themselves and engage in social activity on the platform.

Webinars and chats

Organize corporate communication within the platform. Host webinars so that employees from the most remote corners of the planet feel connected to the main headquarters. Move the communication "company-employee" from open social networks to a platform for your own and solve internal issues in one window.

Knowledge base and materials

Organize full-fledged distance learning within the platform. Publish video lectures and articles. Earn points for studying materials, taking tests and surveys. Present corporate innovations live and broadcast a video presentation on the platform.

Technical support

The platform becomes a place of real corporate support, without unnecessary bureaucracy, but with the preservation of privacy. Participants willingly write to the support chat, where they receive answers from project representatives or from company employees.